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  • 2010 Mitsubishi Ralliart

    First I'd like to say the interactions with Blendmount Customer Service & Frank were great. Inquiries were promptly replied too and assistance was offered where needed.
    I placed an order on April 20th and received the item roughly a week later (not too bad considering where I live and where it was shipping from). The items were neatly packed in a sturdy box and included detailed installation instructions in photo colour identical to that already on their website. The Allen keys were provided and some spare screws.

    The initial setup was rather simple, even for someone who isn't that "car savvy".

    This is what a 2010 Mitsubishi Ralliart rear view mirror stem looks like with a "Razo" wide mirror: Initially,I thought there might be a compatibility issue because Blendmount indicates it must be a cylindrical shaped stems, while the 2010 Mitsubishi Ralliart has more of a rectangular stem. To my surprise, the mount is compatible, extremely sturdy and will not "rattle" and does not feel loose.

    One important step for the install is that you must use the supplied "foam" thing to make the fitment snug. I found it easier to extend the bottom part of the mount (vertical part) all the way down and have the mid-part of the mount be supported by the "chilly pepper" switch that should be in the UP position. You also want to mount the BV1 on the tail side of the stem where it is thinner and less rectangular. See pictures below.

    After you have completed the mounting as per the Blendmount instruction, you can push the vertical movement part all the way back up. Final position should look like this:

    *note: you can play with your angles if you want it more flush, I was just happy to get the mount on Lol.

    Again, the setup was simple (even for someone who has bare minimum knowledge). If you can follow instructions, you'll be fine. The V1 now sits nicely where I want it. I took some after shots of the interior, side, front and rear. I did not plug in the power source yet, as I need to have my V1 hard wired to the car. Some shots:

    Two issues I have encountered which can easily be rectified (not at the fault of the mount):

    1. While the mount provides zero movement (good thing), the V1 when inserted the device itself will wobby very very slightly.
    Fix: Push the V1 all the way in on the mount (until the last click). The V1 will still remain horizontally straight with no problems (play with your angles).

    2. The V1, when you push to silence an alarm, the V1 will push towards the windshield.
    Fix: If you have the remote display module, there will be no problems. Other than that, see the solution for #1. (I don't have remote display as it's legal in BC, CANADA to own a radar detector).

    Overall, I am more than satisfied with where the position of the V1 is, and with the product provided by Blendmount. I would definitely recommend this product to other 2010 Mitsubishi Ralliart owners.


    Warner Y.
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