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2010 RX Lexus Install - Valentine One

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  • 2010 RX Lexus Install - Valentine One

    Hi Mike,

    Here’s my 2010 Lexus RX Blendmount install. I first installed the BV1 without the hinge and it didn’t fit. The angle of the mirror stalk and the Blendmount was to short, straight and pushed against the windshield mounted headlight sensor. The BV1 with hinge fits perfectly. It was quick and easy to install with some angular adjustments at the perforated area. We had the Valentine One hardwired directly to the fuse box. The dealer said we could try it ourselves and if we broke or messed something up, it’s our problem. If they do it, it’s their problem. So, we paid the dealer. I watched them do most of the wiring. They ran the power wire up the BV1-Hinge to the Lexus wiring using 2 twist ties. As you can see from the pictures, there’s a hard plastic cover going from the headliner just past the mirror stalk over all the cars wiring. Fortunately, that plastic cover snaps open, which allowed the detector’s wiring to be hidden. Also, there’s a small, tight space gap between the headliner and the windshield, which allowed the power wire to be pushed backed into the headliner. Once he got to the drivers side pillar, he used a small tool and his fingers to popped it off. You could see the airbag and a separate track for wiring. He ran the wiring down the pillar to the dash, it looked pretty basic and straightforward from that point. They connected to the fuse box using the V1 supplied kit. My wife and I love the way the BV1-Hinge looks and with the BV1-Hinge and the hidden wiring, this install looks great.


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