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Juan Carlos install of a BV1-2000 & MT-2009 in a 2015 Lexus RC-F

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  • Juan Carlos install of a BV1-2000 & MT-2009 in a 2015 Lexus RC-F

    An update. Took apart the mirror after nobody replied at ClubLexus (typical , and my BV1-2000 mount was perfect. Routing the cable aside allowed me to mount the ring as high as possible, for the smallest gap between detector and mirror. And the 9" wire ended up being even a bit long when tapping the mirror connector... the way the job should be done. I said that because you can install the detector to the mirror as a unit, and it's much easier to do the job, and if you need to remove the mirror, it comes out as a unit. If you tap the car's connector, then you'd need a much longer cable (possiby 15" IMO). Plus it'd be a mess to route the cable correctly. And finally, I always rather mess with a replaceable part. Just one comment: The MT-3009 cable was perfect for the mirror's connector. And I had one I bought from you last time for the GTR, since wasn't sure which one was the correct one. But the damn thing broke with the slightest twist (when inserting the second lead), so you know. Will never use one of those. Ended up using a pic to make a small gap, and the 2009 cable leads went in on the third try, and very securely. Those leads are super strong. Even though it's the second time I use the same cable, zero issues. For the GTR was a similar story: the 3009 was too loose, and the 2009 the perfect one. If I were you, I'd put a warning telling customers if they want that cable, it breaks easily. The 2009 takes a bit more effort, but it's well worth it, not only due to no chance of breaking it. But a more secure connection.

    Finally, the mirror and car connectors have totally different wire colors, but after much testing, have the proper ones for you: WHITE wire on the mirror is +, and BLACK wire is '-'. And that's for SWITCHED power. Couldn't get much easier than that. The detector hangs much lower than I wanted. But after installing the ring as high as possible (touching the plastic cover), it barely left the necessary gap to operate garage button #3 and the dimming button, so it was as close as it could be, therefore perfect compromise . Also, I always install my detector on the first detent, and insert a rubber piece below the tab, so eliminate movement. This way, it's almost flush with the mirror (looks better and it's easy to reach), and it doesn't get hit by the sun, so it's much cooler. Finally, leveled it perfectly in both directions, so any crookedness was the camera angle. Let me know if you have any questions. My recommendation is the BV1-2000 mount and the 9" (MT-2009) cable. Hey, you're welcome to use my pictures... which might apply to many more Lexus vehicles, but at least all RCs for sure. You guys have always been great to me, so it's my pleasure to help you. And I don't expect you to replace that broken cable, so don't worry about it. And I'd ask you for another MT-2009 anyway, not a 3009 . Take care Mark.

    JC Click image for larger version

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