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Blendmount and Mirrortap Hybrid Install on '14 Grand Cherokee Limited

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  • Blendmount and Mirrortap Hybrid Install on '14 Grand Cherokee Limited

    I was looking for a way to secure my Escort X50. Used the original suction
    cups and quite frankly, they suck. Tried 1st version of the single big suction cup was an improvement, but it was big, bulky and still failed once in a while. They have a brand new version, but I didn't bother with it.

    During my search for a better secured setup, I found Blendmount. On Blendmount's website, they have several options for the Grand Cherokee, but they weren't exactly what I had on my vehicle. The closest listed is the "dust pan" version.

    Here is what's on my '14 JGC. I am dubbing it a "cup" mirror.

    I received 2 body assembly section mounts to try out, since Blendmount wasn't quite sure which one would work best for this mirror. A BBE-2000 and BBE-2002. I wish I took side by side pictures of the mount. The BBE-2000 is about a 1/4" taller in collapsed form I believe. I will have to measure to confirm.

    Here's what the BBE-2000 looks like mocked up. Looks pretty good.

    I tested the BBE-2002. It's too short in collapsed form. The "tab" on the mount, hits the "cup" base. I can extend the body assembly to clear the tab, but it's almost the same length as the BBE-2000. I might be 1-2MM shorter, if that.

    I did a test install with the detector.
    BBE-2000 first. Fit well but it was a little low for my liking.I realize I didn't adjust the mirror in this picture to what it would be if I was driving, so it's harder to show accurately what I'm talking about. This mount will probably be fine for 98% of the users. Enough room to reach the tab to remove detector if needed.

    Here's the BBE-2002 extended to clear the "cup".

    Pushing up on the detector to get as close as possible to the rear view mirror.

    Even though the BBE-2000 works fine, I decided to go a slightly different route. I wanted the detector as high up as possible against the mirror and still not be a huge hassle of removing it. I decided to use the BBE-2002 instead, but modify the tab/clip portion. I cut off about a 1/4" off the tab with a dremel and sanded the cut smooth so it won't cut me. I left just enough so I could still somewhat apply pressure and remove the detector. It's much harder to remove the detector compared to the original length, but easily doable.

    Onto the install.

    You first remove the top portion of the mirror mount. As you can see, there's a hole on both sides up top and 2 tabs on the bottom. All you have to do is press/squeeze the top portion around the neck area and you can pull back to remove the piece.

    Next, you remove the "cup" portion of the mount. You sort of spread the left and right side of the cup and pull downwards. 1 of 2 things will happen. The whole assembly comes off with the mirror, or just the cup. In my case, the mirror came off too, but you can see how the cup is mounted to the mirror arm.

    Now, this is the mirror harness on my vehicle. The black wire is the negative and the pink with yellow stripe on bottom right, is the positive you tap into.

    The MirrorTap harness I received looks great. It's very slim compared to the Invisicord I had. But I had 1 big problem. The prongs for the MirrorTap are too big for my connector. You could probably modify them by grinding to make it thinner. In my situation, I already have an Invisicord with "micro" prongs. They fit perfectly into the small plug. It's actually a setup used for my dash camera. Even though the prongs are "micro", you can not piggy back 2 into a single slot.

    Since I liked the look of the MirrorTap instead of my spare Invisicord. I cut off the prongs on the MirrorTap and soldered them to the Invisicord setup for my dash camera. I didn't plan the lengths of the wires well enough, but it works.

    I start by mounting my mirror back on first. There's a hex bolt head attached to the windshield. On the arm, you will see a nub, that you align up with a cut out above the hex head. You rotate the assembly about 1/6th to the right to line up the notch. You push up against the hex head and then rotate the assembly counter-clockwise. Hard to visualize, but if you had it I front of you, you'll know what I'm talking about.

    With the cup and neck portion removed, I installed the Blendmount. Here you can see how much I cut off from the tab. It's easiest to put the ring around the mirror first, then slide the spacer into place for the mount. I left all the bolts pretty loose at this point.

    With the shorten tab, I'm able to collapse the BBE-2002 fully, so, it sits as close to the mirror as possible, yet still not blocking the rear facing sensor. Run the wires whichever way you want. I decided on this setup.

    I noticed my detector wasn't leveled after taking the pictures, but I was easily able to adjust it afterwards.

    One major tip. Blendmount does include an allen wrench with their mounts. It works, but using a longer allen wrench makes things much easier when mounting the Blendmount.

    It's been several days after the install and the mount is solid. Very happy with it.

    Personally, I would rather have my detectors up high and hidden, like my dash camera that you can see in the pictures, but this was the next best setup.

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    Thanks !!!