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2001 Jaguar XKR BlendMount BV1-2220 HardTap HT-1096

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  • 2001 Jaguar XKR BlendMount BV1-2220 HardTap HT-1096

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    Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona
    Review: I really like the mount for my Valentine one.

    Talked with Mark (customer Service) he decided I needed the BV1-2020 mount for my car.
    I received the mount (2-days),it took maybe 15 minutes to install.

    I thought maybe it was a bit long as it was lower than the mirror, called Mark, he sent out 2 different sized "Bodies" and I chose the shortest one, it was perfect.

    Mark is very easy to work with, very knowledgeable of the products he sells.

    Mark made the Blendmount experience terrific.

    The resulting BV1-2220 mount looks great, high quality, no vibration, very adaptable (many options).
    The product is great, the service is great what are you waiting for?

    Could not be happier!! Thanks Mark...

    Ps. I have no relationship with this company prior to buying their product.
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