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BV1-2000 on a 2008 Ford Fusion (107973)

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  • BV1-2000 on a 2008 Ford Fusion (107973)

    Tight V1 Install...Thanks Steven !!!

    2008 Ford Fusion
    The instructions are well written and easy to understand.* I took the Valentine One's suction cups off its*windshield mount and attached it to the BlendMount.* When attaching the BlendMount to the mirror, take care to hold the screws and nuts securely or you might be looking for one or the other in your vehicle's floorboard.* I took my time, double-checking everything along the way, and it still only took me fifteen or twenty minutes from start to finish.* The BlendMount is a very well thought out and engineered product and it makes the interior more neat (rather than having the suction cup mount hanging in the middle of the windshield)."
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