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2009 2500/3500 Dodge Ram & V1 BV1-2000

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  • 2009 2500/3500 Dodge Ram & V1 BV1-2000

    I initially ordered the BV1-2000 for My 2009 Dodge Ram

    While it fit fine as it was I wanted a closer fit to my mirror A quick call to Frank in customer service made short order of my issue with a shorter body to attach to the mirror mount.

    As you can see I was able to raise the mirror as high as it would go and the V1 still fit snugly under the mirror. The V1 was aimed perfectly level and straight ahead as the V1 was designed to be aimed.

    Note this is an install with the factory U-connect blue tooth mirror. I use the V1 remote display so I have this unit hardwired so the remote display can be mounted to the steering column plastic just in front of the gauge pod. This allows my V1 to be run dark (no lights at all on the V1)

    Need to resize photos will add them later

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