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    I went and traded my R/T in for an SRT and, my luck, I didn't think about my BlendMount when I bought it.

    So, I was stuck trying to figure out something and then it hit me, I just needed a regular mirror stem.

    I ran to the auto parts place around the corner and picked up a cheap replacement mirror. I goofed and popped the ball joint out versus cutting the mirror off and had to run back to the auto parts store for a second mirror. I cut the mirror off of the ball joint...both ball joints are needed to keep the tension...lesson learned there.

    Anyway, I cleaned up the edge of the ball and painted it black and then attached it to my windshield. I decided a second stem would be nice to have and placed a second one on the windshield.

    So, here's the link to the pictures...

    So, if your mirror doesn't have a stem that fits a BlendMount, it isn't that much trouble to install a stem...and it works well.