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MirrorTap in 2014 535D

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  • MirrorTap in 2014 535D

    From a customer:
    I wanted to follow up with you, for future reference if needed. This applies to a 2014 BMW 535d (F10 body code).

    I got the new MirrorTap you sent below and attempted to install it, per the instructions on one of the BMW forums (as I?d done with the first one). My power to the rear view mirror matched theirs, so I attempted to use the same pin setup (i.e., hot wire and neutral). I could not get it to work, and I tried multiple times until I was concerned I was going to damage the wiring harness. I thought maybe I?d blown the fuse on the new one you sent.

    I did a little more research and found a guy using a competitor?s product to install a Valentine 1. He also could not get it to work using the main power on the mirror, so he attempted to tap the much smaller rain sensor power plug. He was able to get it to work. I tried it tonight, and voila. It works perfectly. I don?t know why the ?usual? setup could not get consistent power, but using a much smaller pin setup and going to the smaller, purple power plug was successful. Again, I know you probably don?t have a database of all cars and how to install the MirrorTap, but if anyone runs across this issue with a BWM, you might suggest the alternate power source.

    Thanks again for the quick response. The setup looks great as to both the MirrorTap and the BlendMount. Very pleased.