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2014 Acura MDX BlendMount BBE-2017 with Modified Mid Piece (.300 shaved off)

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  • 2014 Acura MDX BlendMount BBE-2017 with Modified Mid Piece (.300 shaved off)

    "Thanks for sending the BMW/Tesla type radar mount for me to try on my 2014 MDX Advance. You will see in the attached picture that it does attach securely but that it hangs a little bit low, preventing the Escort 9500ix from fitting snug against the bottom of the mirror even when tilted slightly up in the back. It appears to me that the part that fits around the mirror stem is approximately 1/2 inch longer than optimum and that would be the only modification that it would take to make it perfect. The other bodies that you sent would make the detector hang down even farther from the mirror. I am still a happy camper because it is much better than a suction-cup windshield mount but if you happen to have a shorter part that might make it fit correctly I would like to try it. I apologize for the poor quality photo but I believe it is clear enough for you to see the way the mount fits." "The shorter BlendMount body that you sent this time is perfect. With just the slightest tilt, the Passport 9500ix fits snugly against the bottom of the mirror. I am attaching three pictures. I will send the extra parts back to you sometime this week. Thanks for your help in coming up with the correct fit for my 2014 Acura MDX Advance. While it is fresh in your mind, you may want to catalog the combination of parts for this vehicle so that you can reference it for future customers with the 2014 Advance model. Remember, the non-Advance MDX has a completely different rearview mirror setup."
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